In Unison

     wipe my crotch.
Connecting with freelance workers
     in unison.

It is easy to spot freelancers because they mess up on new actions.  Every leader needs a freelancer.  I am a freelancer who is trying to elevate myself to leader.  A leader is seen as a spiritual being, and is worshiped by her followers.  Hoping to attract a following, I decide to try and shrink my group.  We gather and I justify the actions through brain concentration.  Trying to become a leader rather than just a thinking follower, I wipe my crotch to encourage my brain.

The dinosaurs are coming! Quick, we must hide!  I shrink the crew and we seek a hallway under water, which is a cavity for depositing eggs.  I realize this is another opportunity for creating a new species.

The freelancer becomes a leader by tricking the other freelancers, while on a quest for more power.  The power search ends at the sun, the ultimate source of energy.


The ant like crew gathers, moving their arms in unison.  We shrink and connect, forming a new modular being.  Will we keep it together? Will we escape from Tyrannosaurus Rex?  I keep shrinking us, knowing that if we are small enough, we will not be detected.  The need for survival outweighs the need for power.

We are motion through
We are completed.

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