bats at them with rounds of compassion
and with a Jabba the Hut-like leader,
who exits the top for the final round.
Before that, I cowered under her skirt
and behind corners,
not ready with my stick.
The end strategy was a game show that I was secondly presiding over
my seat was not supportive,
but was a piece of fabric laid over the gap,
held in place by my stretched out feet.
 The enemies were brought to question
and my Superior's flexed muscles were on display.
The men talked about the men
and their wish to locate their source of power
which glowed when aroused.
The men mentioned wanting to mate with the enemy men
and the mutual attraction was resolved.
The resulting creatures were
compassionate beings,
laced with the knowledge of robots
and strategy,
and they proved to be an asset for our team.
Next is the murky incident of how the conception of sperm and egg came about.
A flash of light, coupled with wired threats
and penetrating sticks,
the hybrid beings had mated
to create more scientific and hostile creatures
known as humans.
I observed the creators decide to protect the embryo
with an amniotic sac,
after bouncing it against a wall,
hurting it.
The compassionate beings waved their arms in circles,
creating energy that embraced the fetus.
I felt such confidence in that action
--that all would be well with the baby,
and that such love would neutralize
the negativity of the new species.

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