storm drain
    curved pipe
        pristine white, well lit
        sliver and blue jewelry, fragile
    artist covers discussion
    my near brush with the unknown descent.
Ping Pong
    clutched in my arms
    me, anxious for his safety.

Trains labyrinth, interactive points controlling parallel sites in CALIFORNIA.
Man studying, studying the man
Analyzing the data from people's inputs and trying to draw conclusions about their brain pathways from their actions.
3-dimensional brain output, constantly updating models.
Hub with stacks of post it notes from passersby that had wished to leave messages. I decided to write something containing a poetic, nonsensical sentence about a headache..
I was sucked into a void and I was trying to hold onto the energy that was trying to push me down, while also holding onto Ping Pong. Giving into the force after extreme exhaustion, I discovered safety.