Donorcycle Notes

Volunteers will be vip audience members.  They get to experience the performance first hand, and through the lens of body uncomfort, and scripted aesthetics.

Jon Ciliberto, who will be interacting with the audience by scanning them and wrapping them in caution tape.

Through volunteers and audience interaction, this piece has a lot of similarities to one that I did at Eyedrum as the dictator.

  • Workers will be following the instructions of the lead worker. 
  • You should be slow, somber, relaxed and muted. 
  • Keep your arms at your sides.
  • Provide a still backdrop for my actions, that is parallel to the audience.
  • Ignore the audience.
  • Focus on looking at me and each other, while paying attention to the compositions that fill your field of vision.

  • LINE = form a line that follows the leader so that you are providing a backdrop for me that is parallel to the audience.
  • CIRCLE = form a circle around me. This action happens when I need to communicate something to you.
  • SCATTER = walk 27 steps away, and then quickly return and form a CIRCLE around me.
  • CAUTION TAPE = hold onto caution tape.

During the first Donorcycle, I had an extremely negative reaction.  This performance is going to embrace that negativity.

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