4/7 Dance Truck @MODA

costume sketch
Thursday, 4/7 
Drink in Design: Dance Truck! 
@ Museum of Design Atlanta [MODA]

Atlanta, GA
1315 Peachtree Street 
[across the street from the High Museum]

by Allison Rentz

music - Jon Ciliberto, Allison Rentz, and Ping Pong
performers - Allison Rentz and Jon Ciliberto

Donorcycle derives from a variety of influences. One is a post-Japan nuclear disaster dream I had where vines were growing into my skin and I discovered that this phenomenon would help combat the radiation from nuclear disasters. To me, nuclear power production is a disaster waiting to happen.

The name "donorcycle" itself reflects my disdain for what I feel is the inherent danger of motorcycles and is about turning lemons into lemonade. Unfortunately, along with too many other people, I have a friend who is very sick and is currently on the waiting list for a donor heart so he can have a heart transplant. While thinking about the site and context of this performance, I've simultaneously been worrying about my friend and knowing that someone has to die in order for my friend to live. This conundrum has brought out some conflicted feelings. Ambulance sirens and reports of serious car accidents spark a guilty, excited feeling in me.

In looking at data from UNOS [United Network for Organ Sharing], I discovered that multiple vehicle accidents provided the most common source for heart transplants in 2010.  "Motorcycle fatalities are not only our number one source of organs," said one surgeon. "They are also the highest-quality source of organs, because donors are usually young, healthy people with no other traumatic injuries to the body, except to the head."  ["Motorcycle Helmets and Donor Organs," New York Times, June 22, 2009, 12:50 pm, http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/06/22/motorcycle-helmets-and-donor-organs/].

Sometimes, I like to think that I can create magic through performance.  The desperation that comes from an inability to protect myself and my loved ones from unexpected disasters drives me to create an artistic solution.  Hopefully, this performance can, at the very least, create awareness for organ donation.  Please, become an organ donor.  Thank you!
more information:

Dance Truck and MotorGoGo will be making their first appearance together on the plaza in front of the Museum of Design Atlanta! Local dance favorites Gathering Wild and Catellier Dance Projects will preview work from their upcoming shows and Allison Rentz will treat the audience to a one-of-a-kind performance.

The Good Food Trike will be selling treats while the Dance Truckers bust a move on MODA's patio. 

The dances will take place outside for free, but folks who pay regular admission to the museum will receive
a free drink and get to take in the awesome exhibition!

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