what i've been working on lately:
  • putAtoring books
    - obsessively making lots and lots of these
    - if you see me out, ask and i'll show you some.
    - i'm happy to reserve one for you if you'd like to tell someone you want one for xmas.
  • editing clothes [being poor means no money to buy new clothes or shoes. fortunately, i know how to sew. my latest endeavor includes turning some ugly clogs into boots. ] [i'm not complaining, i prefer to make my own stuff because it seems that i'm never able to find what i'm looking for when shopping]
  • depression = they've been worse lately, and this makes it difficult to get anything done.
  • art therapy. it seems that i've not yet come to terms with the horrible loss of love in my life that i suffered years ago. yesterday, i realized that i need to do some art about this. bear with me, please. this process is bound to include lots of drawing, poetry, and ritualistic actions. some will be private, and i'm bound to do some stuff in public.

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