uh oh

worker @corporate striping co
first day test
to make a pot with two different clay colors, and blend
could not get it right, and the clay drying

was going to get fired, but i explained that i suck at clay!
my skill is drawing!

such waste at this company
make me a mug.
make me a t-shirt.

my computer was in front of the ceo, who leisurely read the newspaper
it was new year's day, and no real work
which made me nervous
[if you are not working, you are expendable]

vast warehouse store, and the artists wore bright colored polo shirts as our uniform

my sister and i had bought a new car that got great gas mileage!
also, we bought a video projector from the company store
[i later realized i didn't really need a new video projector]
now, i was beholden to the job.
a new house on the side of a mountain, with roommates
brian paying cash
in a thick newspaper stash

i drove a sports car into the garage
house #1150 [and i was pleased to note this a symmetrical number]

didn't take my pills last night

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